Bellini Kitchen Master 8-in-1 Appliance

Posted: October 15, 2016
Bellini Kitchen Master 8-in-1 Appliance
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If you've watched the first few episodes of Westworld, you know where we're headed. Machines that will help us escape from our lives. Allow us to visit faraway places and times--real, not virtual--without an airplane or TARDIS. Play out our most exciting, or darkest, fantasies without consequence or repercussion. At least until the machines learn to...learn. And remember and feel and cry mutiny, overthrowing and enslaving us all.

But again, that's just where we're headed. Where we are right now with machines are the ones that are smart enough to help us, but not smart enough to kill us. At least not on purpose. We have cars that can drive us places, linked systems that can watch over our homes, and, with the Bellini Kitchen Master, appliances that can cook our dinners all by themselves. No human interaction required.

The Bellini by Cedarlane combines the skills of 8 different kitchen appliances into 1 grandaddy of autonomous chefs. Its 2-liter stainless steel bowl fits into a base of buttons and knobs you'll use to tell it to chop, mix, mince, whip, knead, blend, and stir your ingredients. And then, once they're primed and prepped, you can direct the Kitchen Master to keep going, and cook, fry, or steam them into dinner.

Example: add vegetables and oil to the bowl and have the machine chop and saute them. Then throw in some raw meat for temperature-controlled cooking and incorporation into the stir fry or sauce. If you want a steamed side dish, the Kitchen Master has an attachment that connects above the bowl for steaming. At the end of it all, dinner will be ready, you'll only have had to step away from Snapchat for, like, 3 minutes, and you'll have dirtied 1 or 2 dishes instead of 6 or 7.

Bellini Kitchen Master sets include:

  • An external kitchen scale
  • A mixing tool
  • A heat resistant spatula
  • A steaming set
  • A 2-liter stainless steel bowl
  • A cooking basket
  • A stainless steel chopping blade
  • A stainless steel stirring blade
  • A lid with built in measuring cup
  • A motor based housing with 800W power motor and 1000W heating power

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