Banana Surprise - Filled Banana Maker

Posted: November 04, 2018
Banana Surprise - Filled Banana Maker

Ooh, uhhh, the Banana Surprise here is that those bananas look like they need someone to call 911. Brown and bright red are not the colors of discharge I want to see oozing out of objects with that shape. And those kids look a little too proud of themselves for making their bananas bleed.

The Banana Surprise kit comes with a set of pokers and injection tools that will allow you to fill your bananas with the likes of chocolate, jam, fruit purees, and cream. And also mustard, hot sauce, and cream of mushroom soup with the mushrooms picked out so it looks suspiciously like a bodily fluid, for super fun times pranking your friend Cornelius and your wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power.

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