Avocado Ripeness Ranker

Posted: April 10, 2022
Avocado Ripeness Ranker
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At first I was like, "An Avocado Ripeness Ranker? That's dumb." But then I thought about 80% of the products I run on this site, and I was like, "OK, an Avocado Ripeness Ranker. Fair enough." And then the more time I spent looking at and reading about Kyle Courcy's avo-podium, the more charmed I became by it.

A great gift for the athlete in your life, or anyone on the competitive side, or anyone who truly wants to know which of their avocados is ripest with barely a glance, the Avocado Ripeness Ranker organizes 3 of the green-fleshed fruits in Gold, Silver, and Bronze positions. Gold, of course, is your Kitchen's Ripest Avocado, and the one most ready for toast or, if it's really, really ripe, a nice bowl of guacamole.

All of Courcy's Avocado Ripeness Rankers are made from solid walnut wood, and produced in Massachusetts.

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