Avocado Cuber

Posted: January 31, 2013
Avocado Cuber
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Can I get one of those avocados along with the cuber? The ones I pick out always have a grisly tinge and surprise-mid-bite mushy brown spots. Or they're not ripe at all and taste like a bar of soap. Yeah, Mom, I know I used to eat bar soap when I was a kid, but I don't like it anymore! And stop telling people that! Avocado inclusion aside, this cubing tool earns significant points for not only downward slicing uniform chunks of nature's healthiest fat, but also having a design that allows me to conquer the actual hard part of avocado skin removal: the lateral cut. The concave basket's wire layout is capable of the decent side-to-side action needed to loosen the bottom of the avocado for clean and easy dumping into salads, soups, and my extra special 8-cheese, 5-meat deluxe enchiladas.

To use the stainless steel cuber, press down on the halved, seeded avocado, twist, and lift. Perfect cuts, seamless transfer, and no usable flesh is left behind.

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