Artisan Dry Cured Meats Charcuterie Starter Kit

Posted: August 16, 2017
Artisan Dry Cured Meats Charcuterie Starter Kit
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While most of the charcuterie I've had from stores and in restaurants has been stupidly expensive, stingily portioned snob food, I usually overlook its hoity toity characteristics on account of the fact that it's also F'ing. Dee. Licious. And now, UMAi Dry says I can make my own charcuterie at home. For way less charcuter-money, and none of the eye rolls from restaurant servers who aren't pleased to hear I'd like some Proskweeto dye Parma.

In fact, UMAi Dry is certain that any of us who crave some artisan dry cured meats, and try their Charcuterie Starter Kit will find "Making charcuterie at home is fun and easy and yields incredible tasting meat candy." Capicola, bresaola, pancetta, lardo-style bacon. All that stands between us and succulent, salty permutations of pork is an UMAi sealer and membrane bags, a curing mix, and convincing our ladies to give us half a shelf in the refrigerator.

The key component to the UMAi Dry method is its specially formulated membrane bags. Even once they're sealed, these bags allow moisture and oxygen to transfer, eliminating the mess, mold, and odors typically associated with open-air charcuterie making.

The charcuterie starter kit comes with a vacuum sealer, 2 bag sizes, and an Instacure mix highlighted by juniper berries. Step-by-step instructions are also included.

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