Aroma SmartCarb Low-Carb Multi-Cooker

Posted: April 06, 2023
Aroma SmartCarb Low-Carb Multi-Cooker
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Aroma says their SmartCarb Multi-Cooker "removes up to 30% of starchy sugars for a fluffier, healthier texture" and "low-carb alternative" when giving rice and other grains its steam-boil treatment. And I say, "How is that possible, Aroma SmartCarb Multi-Cooker?"

Is there some sort of sophisticated stripping process the kitchen gadget exacts upon rice grains and wheat berries? Does a Carb-Extracting Fairy Godmother or leprechaun who needs to carbo-load for his trips over the rainbow live inside the SmartCarb Multi-Cooker? Is the machine simply doing the equivalent of washing the grains good, which I could also do myself over the sink were I willing to take an extra 5 minutes before dumping them in my rice cooker?

The only further explanation I can find is that the SmartCarb Multi-Cooker "uses smart steam technology to seal in flavor and draw out sugar." Which pretty much sounds like my last guess to me, but maybe the high heat allows the cooker to round up even more starch than cold running water, and the steam sends it from its origin (the grains) into the abyss (your kitchen).

Even if its claims are legit, I still wouldn't recommend a SmartCarb Multi-Cooker as the answer to your rice cravings while on a low-carb diet. Reducing the carbs in grains by 30% still leaves you with...a lot of carbs.

But if you're not specifically following a low-carb diet, just watching your empty calorie intake, Aroma's SmartCarb tech could be a good choice for you, especially since it can cook porridge and soup, and steam vegetables too. It also uses a tempered glass pot rather than a metal one, which both gives you a view of your food cooking, and seems more durable and food-friendly to me.

The SmartCarb Multi-Cooker can prepare up to 8 cups of cooked rice, or 3L of soup.

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