AirScape Coffee Storage Canister

Posted: December 30, 2022
AirScape Coffee Storage Canister
$27.90 - $41
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Kick back and take in the landscape with a cup of AirScape. Or rather, a cup of coffee brewed from beans and grounds stored in air- and humidity-impenetrable AirScape Storage Canister.

AirScape's patented container design revolves around its plunger lid, fitted with a 2-way valve that pushes and then seals out excess air and humidity with a swoosh each time you insert it, to preserve the freshness and flavor of your caffeine dependency. In addition to coffee, AirScape Storage Canisters can extend the life of flour, cereal, herbs, pet foods, and other perishable dry goods.

AirScape makes its canisters in 3 sizes: the small tub holds around 1/2 pound of whole bean coffee; medium increases that to a full pound, and the "Kilo" Canister, as its name suggests, stores a full 2.2 pounds of beans. You can also choose from stainless steel, galvanized steel, and ceramic canister construction.

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