Addition Modular Refrigerator

Posted: May 21, 2018
Addition Modular Refrigerator

The Addition, a modular concept refrigerator from Heewoong Chai reminds me of a job interview I went on once. As part of the company's Critical Thinking on the Spot Challenge, one interviewer asked me to describe a design concept for a new and improved office refrigerator. And I was like, "Uhhh...it should be able to hold a lot of tacos and cold brew...in a locked compartment that only I have access to."

But what I should have said was, "A new and improved refrigerator for the office should be modular in design, a sustainable appliance that grows with the company and the office space. You could add fridge cubes when you need them, and control individual modules' temperature based on their content. And - and! - there would be an app!"

That's what I should have said.

That's what Chai is saying with his Addition concept. This is a refrigerator you could potentially keep your whole adult life, from moving into your first micro-apartment that can't sustain much more than a cube fridge, to having a family of 4 that merits an entire module designated as the one your kids can repeatedly stand in front of with the door open, even though none of the food inside is going to change from one 15-minute block to the next. Combining the Addition with further technology to make it a smart cooling buddy would enable app-controlled temperature settings for individual cubes, freshness tracking on fridge contents, and alerts to spoilage.

And I still like the idea of being able to lock individual refrigerator modules so greedy co-workers / family members can't hog down all my tacos.

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