Zenergy Ball Chair

Posted: January 31, 2018
Zenergy Ball Chair
$118.91 - $157.35
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Who wants to pop a squat on a Minion? The Zenergy Ball Chair attempts to maintain the supposed posture, balance, and core strength benefits of sitting on an exercise ball, while adding wheels and a mesh slipcover that I guess they think makes the chair blend in better, and look like a real piece of furniture. But to me, this ball of Zenergy is one giant eye and a pair of overalls away from making a Stuart statement, and sticking out way more than it could have in any past life.

And maybe that's part of its appeal.

The Zenergy Ball Chair lets you sit without being sedentary. The backless, flexible domed seat encourages movement - forces it, really - during use, which fans of the chairs say helps you concentrate, and molds better posture and balance. Zenergy adds stability (and height) with a quad of powder-coated steel legs.

The chair is built with a 17-1/2" anti-burst plastic exercise ball, whose height increases to 23" when fully inflated. An included air pump allows you to make inflation adjustments from the underside of the Zenergy chair as needed.

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