Working Tetris Coffee Table

Posted: August 29, 2018
Working Tetris Coffee Table
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Thanks be to the skills of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Purple Wires for brightening up my day with their working Tetris coffee tables. Purple Wires is the shop with the ingenuity to pair up the other two to create the guts of the tables, as well as throw in a grid of LEDs that serve as both a surface for your drinks and mail, and fully functional games of Tetris. Or Snake if that's more your 8-bit thing.

Tetris tables come with a gamepad and both games pre-installed. The playing screens / tabletops are scratch- and water-resistant. Shown here is a standard white table sized 21.6" long x 21.6" wide x 17.7" tall. Purple Wires makes all tables to order, and so is also happy to build one customized to your color and size specifications.

What do you think, working Tetris coffee table or working Nintendo controller coffee table?

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