WEE! Swing Desk

Posted: June 28, 2018
WEE! Swing Desk

WEE! A word I typically reserve for the last time I get up from my desk on a Friday afternoon, not for the hours and hours...and hours I'm sitting at it. But the WEE! Desk, a design from Simonas Palovis, challenges us to change our desk- and work-time mindset with a simple wood tabletop and cutout panel. The latter drops down to form a butt-sized swing - a chair you can sit and rock in playground-style as you tap away at your computer and check in to video conferences.

Dude. Why does your face keep undulating to and 'fro in front of the camera?

Or flip your WEE! position backwards, sideways, or even up top and down low, sitting on the tabletop or lying on the floor with your feet propped on the swing.

When you're not feeling the WEE!, the swing panel secures back into the desk, making it a full flat, rectangular work surface.

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