Vadim Kibardin Paper Furniture - Black Collection

Posted: May 06, 2020
Vadim Kibardin Paper Furniture - Black Collection

Vadim Kibardim says his Black Collection of Paper Furniture is a nod to the fusion of nature and technology. I feel like if Tim Burton saw it, he'd want a shoutout too. The Black Pearl chair has Delia Deetz written all over it, I could totally see Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne brooding in a Black Rover, and pretty much any of the paper pieces would fit right into Halloween Town.

None of that is to detract from Kibardim's vision and talent, though. The artist has been handcrafting furniture from his own cardboard and paper packaging waste for over 25 years, and, from both visual and technical standpoints, the results are nothing short of stunning.

The Black Collection represents 5,110 hours of work, with each original piece made and shaped by hand without the use of a mold. And the amount of cardboard recycled and repurposed to form the chairs? 2,000 pounds, or the equivalent of 17 trees.

Kibardim's Black Collection consists of 15 produced chair models, 18 OOAK chairs in progress, and another 12 designs sketched and ready to bring to light. Or rather, Blackness.

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