ULTRALEGGERA - The World's Lightest Chair

Posted: May 20, 2021
ULTRALEGGERA - The World's Lightest Chair

Like any similar claim, I think ULTRALEGGERA should add a qualification to their assertion: The World's Lightest Chair...So Far. At just under 3.7 pounds (1660 grams), the ULTRALEGGERA is the aerogel of seating, but instead of 99.8% air and 0.2% silica gel, it is made entirely of aluminum. It was created by Polish designer Oskar Zieta, who took inspiration - and a challenge - from Italian designer Gio Ponti's 1957 Superleggera chair. That four-legged featherweight weighed in at 3.75 pounds (1700 grams).

In addition to his material choice, Zieta eliminates weight from the ULTRALEGGERA chair, and sheds that last 40 grams to beat Ponti's record, with a laser-cut, porous seat and backrest.

The World's Lightest Chair (...So Far) won a 2021 Red Dot Award for product design. No word on when and where (or if) Zieta will sell the ULTRALEGGERA, but his standard LEGGERA is available here for around $745. It, in case you're wondering, weighs in at a borderline obese 9.7 pounds.

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