Transformer 6-in-1 Table

Posted: March 22, 2018
$1,062 - $1,742
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Apparently this Transformer Table is the 2.0 version, so my question is, where the 6 tables in 1 was I when the original came out?! The amount of time my fiancee made me spend looking for the perfect dining table with her, only to end up buying an altogether imperfect dining table, and I could have had the Optimus Prime, the Voltron, the accordion file folder of dining tables from the start!

And they have Transformer Benches too!

Transformer Tables began on Kickstarter, and that's where the Montreal-based company is raising their 2.0 generation too. The new models are made from real hardwood, and come in your choice of 4 finishes.

All have 6 different expansion settings that grow them from the size of a console table to a dining table big enough to seat 12, which means if I got one before I host Thanksgiving this year my Aunt Jan wouldn't have eat her dinner in my Chill Sack.

Though I'm kinda looking forward to sticking her in the Chill Sack.

With the addition of up to 5 leaves, Transformer Tables extend from 18" to 38" to 58" to 78" to 98" to 118", and pretty quick and easy if the GIF and video are to be believed. The benches, sold separately, are also expandable to up to 11', large enough for 6 adults, and 1,500 pounds. I'm not clear on whether or not the pieces have clever ways to store the leaves you're not currently using within or underneath them, but one of the images in the gallery above does show that the smallest bench size can tuck neatly underneath the smallest table size.

Hardwood Transformer Tables and benches will be available in Natural Acacia, Birch Grey, American Walnut, and Black Oak finishes. Pledge for your table, or table and bench set, here on Kickstarter through April 17, 2018. If you're anxious to get a Transformer Table without the laborious crowdfunding backer wait, Transformer Table has its previous models available here. You can also get a different brand and style of transforming table on Amazon here.

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