Tokyo Sky Table

Posted: March 11, 2021
Tokyo Sky Table

I feel like, if nothing else, the Tokyo Sky Table definitely has a lock on the size of apartments in Tokyo. But I also feel like, there's a lot else with this new furniture design from Mousarris. A collaboration with Circle Studio, the Tokyo Table is a tribute both to Japan's stunning city, and Mousarris' admiration of architectural models. The dining table houses four of them within its cylindrical legs, each representing a 9-story mixed-use tower.

With its whitewashed aesthetic and glass top, the Tokyo Table looks funky and ultra-contemporary from afar, but it's up close, when you're one of the 6 people sitting next to the legs - or lying on the floor gazing up at them in wonder - that the piece becomes truly stunning. Every floor of every tower is detailed down to the wall hangings and potted plants, and every floor of every tower is decorated differently. Mousarris and Circle Studio built the models to a 1:50 scale, with SLA-printed stairs, furniture, and furnishings. The first 6 floors of the towers hold offices, and the remaining 3 residences, including 9th floor penthouses with fabulous views of the seats of your dining chairs, and maybe a couple couches and the kitchen island if your house has an open floor plan.

Tokyo Table towers are fully sealed in plastic casings, making them terrible gifts for kids, or even gifts for houses containing kids, who will either cry about being taunted with dollhouses they can't play in, or sneak into the dining room and bust through the towers' windows one day when you're not paying attention.

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