The Seahorse Lounger

Posted: September 05, 2023
The Seahorse Lounger

Don't get me wrong, The Seahorse Lounger is certainly a design worthy of attention, and possibly placement in your living room. It thrives in both its standout appearance, and creator Andrew Roberts' sustainable approach to manufacturing it - he proposes using recycled polyethylene materials from discarded toys, plastic furniture, and industrial containers. And, yes, I can see the seahorse in The Seahorse. The myriad rings. The tail. The bodily curves ready to help you take a load off after you're done seahorsin' around.

But you know what else I see?

Any number of organisms grown in a petri dish and studied in microbiology class.

Which could work too, I guess, if you're into the science lab, or just want a piece of furniture to accent your collection of Giant Microbe Plushies. Plus, Roberts notes one of his goals for the project was to design "an object that demanded attention, went completely off-trend, and provoked conversation within audiences." And whether it looks like a seahorse or the bacteria that gives you strep throat, The Seahorse Lounger indeed does all of that.

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