The Rumba Drum Table

Posted: April 17, 2012
The Rumba Drum Table
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Pa-Rumba-Drum-Drum. Drummer boys (and girls) of all sizes can impress the king, the hot yoga instructor, and their mom with this elegantly designed and executed coffee table that moonlights as a four-piece drum set stacked with 12 separate percussion instruments. Tor Clausen of Musical Furnishings hand crafts the Rumba Tables in his Portland woodshop out of Pacific Northwest native Red Alder, and coats them with custom paint finishes as eclectic as the cowbell, chimes, shaker, bongos, cymbal crash, hi hat, and bell the table houses.

Unleashing the Rumba Table's musicality is as simple as tapping on its squares with the palms of your hands. The squares are also rearrangeable to accommodate specific percussive tastes, and better match the stylings of the hard rock, pop, or Latin acid jazz you're accompanying. As functional as it is beautiful and unique, the table also injects another shot of merriment into dinner parties, big game viewings, intense rounds of slapjack, and families that attempt to find sources of entertainment outside of the television. However, be prepared for the consequences of adding it to households with small children, keeping in mind how much toddlers like to stand around and bang on things.

The pictured table measures 38" x 38" x 17", and its frame is finished in walnut, with the mosaic in honey, cherry, and neutral colors. Other Rumba sizes and heights are also available, and buyers can specify finish color preferences during order placement. Clausen makes all tables to order, with turnaround time running around 3 weeks. Instruments arrive fully assembled, and the table needs only leg and rim attachment via some simple fasteners. Instructions are included. Be sure to visit Clausen's online shop for additional information and inquiries.

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