The Planet Chair

Posted: January 25, 2018
The Planet Chair
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Intergalactic Planet-chair-y! (Another dimension, another dimension!) MZPA's Planet Chair fills a geometric bubble of steel and plywood with an ergonomic mattress and tech-friendly buildout in this futuristic, minimalist interpretation of personal space meets outer space.

The Planet Chair was designed for office environments, but functions equally well in the back yard. In the former, MZPA hopes it will add comfort and aesthetic interest to co-working and open spaces. It's a private place for coffee breaks and quick escapes, and could serve as a literal think tank (well, sphere) when it gets hard to focus on a presentation, strategy, or solution amidst the bustle of the office floor. The interior of the Planet Chair has a storage pocket, LED lamp, USB-charging ports, and a speaker system.

For those more inclined to set up a Planet Chair in their garden, the hideaway also has solar panels to keep its electronic systems running without an AC tether.

The Planet Chair's triangular plywood segments are removable and can be rearranged to change the shape of the chair and make it more open or closed.

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