Teixeira Revolver Wall-Mounted Desk

Posted: November 02, 2023
Teixeira Revolver Wall-Mounted Desk

If someone advised me to get a revolver for my home office, and promised to teach me how to use it, I would agree on one condition: that it be Teixeira's Revolver Wall-Mounted Desk. And they would still have to promise to teach me how to use it.

This self-described workspace "game-changer" is made of birch plywood, and features a corner design that swivels open into a layered pie chart. From the Revolver's compact closed form, a simple rectangular shape, you can spin out just a slice of the pie, or expose a full circle of drawers, cubbies, and extra surface space. It's a real satisfying build, both for its ingenuity and minimalism, and for reminding me of pie. Yum. I'll take a piece of apple, a piece of cherry, and a piece of Teixeira's creativity any day.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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