Supersize Bed

Posted: September 04, 2014
Supersize Bed

Cecilia Carey (set and costume designer) and Harry Parr ("architectural foodsmith") obviously got pregnant and high respectively and were like, "What would be the best thing ever right now?" Their conclusion, reached simultaneously: taking a nap. In a supersized carton of McDonald's french fries.

Carey says the Supersize Bed, first and foremost a mouthwatering joy to look at, is also functional. And while your palate probably won't get much pleasure out of gnawing on the fries, your mouth can still enjoy drooling on them. Each stick of stuffed cloth potato comes out of its headboard box for use as a pillow or as stacked arrangements of bolster cushions.

The bed is a custom order that can be made to fit any mattress size. Send inquiries and price requests to Carey by following the link below.

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