Stumble Upon Carpet Edge Table

Posted: July 31, 2014
Stumble Upon Carpet Edge Table

Alessandro Isola made a carpet table. Like, he took what happens when some klutz or foot shuffler catches his toe on a rug and flips up its edge stumbling forward, and he sculpted that edge into a coffee table. And then he called it the Stumble Upon as a tribute to all the clumsy oafs of the world who also appreciate artsy, high-end home decor. Pretty cool.

Well, the idea of it is anyway. And I'll grant the Stumble Upon does achieve the optical illusion it sets out to create. But...does anyone else think the actual carpet part looks like a skinned Sesame Street character? Look at the closeup. Or maybe an aging patch of grass that's gone gray? I don't know. It's not my favorite textile choice. And I know it wouldn't be very Pecan Sandies crumb- and Cheetos dust-friendly if I were to eat my snacks on a couch alongside it. That wouldn't please my mama.

As for what the Stumble Upon carpet edge table is actually made of, I have no idea. Something bristly and something shiny. Isola's listing of it on his Website doesn't go into technical detail, just esoteric ramblings about how the fold "means it can be configured and tessellate into multi-functional surfaces that suit the moment," and "reveals a back that is probably even more stunning then the front, a polished reflective surface that is curved creates deformed reflections providing an unexpected effect." Yeah, but is that plate glass or polished metal? Polyester or the hide of a Snuffleupagus? Not surprisingly, Isola also says he feels he's as much a psychologist as he is an architect.

Muchas danke to Laughing Squid.

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