StoryTime Triple Rocking Chair

Posted: January 03, 2021
StoryTime Triple Rocking Chair
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Dude. This StoryTime Rocking Chair for 4 (1 and 3 halves?) is so adorable it makes me want to have kids of my own to rock and read to like a wise father with exceptional taste in functional furniture.

Haha, sike! The moment I say I want to have kids with a lasting straight face is the moment you'll know I'm truly off my rocker.

Major kudos still go to Hal Taylor, creator and hand-maker of the StoryTime Rocking Chair. Even though we're only 3 days in, it's certainly the most charming thing I've seen so far in 2021. Taylor designed the quad rocker after having his third child, and realizing he was short on lap space when it came time to read stories to the kids together. With two smaller "high chairs" branching off from the center main set, the StoryTime Rocking Chair is big and cozy enough to hold a reader and 3 eager listeners.

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