Star Wars Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table

Posted: May 04, 2018
Star Wars Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table

May the 4th be...Baaaah! Hey! Give me back my fish tacos and margarita, Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table!

I see a major problem with this table: you can't set anything you want to get back on top of it.

Regal Robot, most excellent creators of his most excellence's Emperor Throne Armchair, have done Star Wars fans another solid with their Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table. Well, semi-solid anyway. While Palpatine's chair is up for sale, the Great Pit of Carkoon and its tentacled alien resident are still a furniture concept.

That said, Regal Robot is real into creating custom pieces for buyers, and Lucasfilm-themed pieces in particular, so if you really want the coffee table for a Star Wars gift, or addition to your fan-cave, I'm sure they'd be open to discussing bringing it from rendering to living room.

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