Star Trek: TNG Ten Forward Suspension Chairs

Posted: July 19, 2022
Star Trek TNG Ten Forward Suspension Chairs
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Oooh, a set of suspension chairs from the Star Trek: TNG Ten Forward lounge. And to think I had almost given up on finding the perfect seating for sipping syntheholic beverages while playing games of 3D Chess and Strategema with my friend Cornelius.

Created by Canadian Designer Paul Boulva for Artopex, these vintage suspension chairs hail from the 80s and, according to Etsy seller Furnish Me Vintage, may or may not have seen actual screen time in the forward end of the saucer section of the USS Enterprise. Either way, they bear enough of a resemblance to the show's loungers, and the Star Trek: The Next Generation vibe in general, that any Trekkie should be delighted by their existence, and eager to add the pair of Boulva suspension chairs to their Ten Forward replica home bar or mancave.

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