Star Trek Enterprise Coffee Table

Posted: January 31, 2012
Star Trek Enterprise Coffee Table

NCC-1701 is ready for reception of coasters, remote controls, back issues of Scientific American, and holey crew-socked feet. Craftsman Barry Shields spent a month forging the USS Enterprise from ash, poplar, and cherry woods, plus 1/4" glass cut to create the visual effect of a coffee table gliding through the perfect vacuum of outer space. A poly finish coating will protect the wood from the daily threats of liquids and footwear, as well as the sporadic, but more severe, threats of boisterous cosplay nights. Though of the Star Trek ilk, this Enterprise is truly the only one of its kind. And given the subject matter, and geeked out extremes its aesthetic could have tackled, we'd say it's a remarkably tasteful showpiece, and generally kinda rad. Glass dimensions are 34" x 54", and the Starship is 17" tall.

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