Star Geodesic Coffee Table

Posted: September 20, 2019
Star Geodesic Coffee Table
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I don't know why it's called the Star Coffee Table, because what it looks like designer Line Pierron actually did to make this geodesic wonder for your living room is move mountains. Took Mt. Rainier and turned it right upside down. I'd have called it Summit Table. Or maybe Summit to Hell Table, given the inversion.

3D modeling, digital cutting, and 3D printing made the Star table's striking geodesic web possible, and Peirron hopes his piece still "evokes the manual work and the traditional know-how of the marquetry" even though its realization owes a lot to new technologies. The tables' single leg and surface frame are handmade in wood.

Each Star Table is signed and numbered, plus custom built / printed according to buyers' measurement specifications.

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