Stackabl Custom Recycled Furniture

Posted: June 25, 2023
Stackabl Custom Recyclable Furniture

Sustainable designer seating. Recycled luxury. Expensive custom trash. Any will do in describing the Stackabl line of furniture...though creators STACKLAB and Maison Gerard probably won't dig that last one as much as the first two.

Stackabl pairs "the rich heritage of antique collecting" with contemporary recycling technology to create a new form of hand-me-down furniture. Stackabl chairs and sofas are built to customers' style and color tastes using remnant inventory from regional manufacturers. Once the leftovers are identified and categorized, and buyers' requests received, the same manufacturers' machines and builders construct the new pieces. In addition to eliminating some of the facilities' carbon footprint, the Stackabl method also contributes to local economies, allowing the same people to earn money building new furniture out of their original productions' discarded materials.

When custom designing a Stackabl chair or sofa, customers use a configurator to choose the colors, patterns, dimensions, and densities their offcuts will become. The configurator offers real-time visualizations in both 2D and 3D, and gives instant pricing feedback as you make selections.

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