SONU Sleep System for Side Sleepers

Posted: October 23, 2022
SONU Sleep System for Side Sleepers
$1,999 - $3,998
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The SONU Sleep System for side sleepers might be a game changer but, damm, dudes. You really gotta be committed to sleeping on your side to get one. Not that the channeled mattress doesn't accommodate back and belly sleepers too - though I feel like you'd feel the giant arm cutouts, and maybe sink into them, in either of those positions - but SONU Sleep is asking for a big investment in both their bed, and the specially-cut sheets you'll always have to use for it. So you better be damn sure at least one person SONU Sleeping has pinky sworn to side sleep forevermore.

That said, in addition to the hours you spend slumbering, the SONU Sleep System's Comfort Channels also make it easier to read and dick around on your phone in bed. And for those who don't fear dying of heat stroke while spooning with their partner, the deep depressions around the embedded SONU Support Pillows accommodate a pair of stacked arms too.

Side Sleepers interested in the SONU Sleep System can get bed in Twin XL through Cali King sizes, plus a Split King. Purchases include a 100-night trial, your first SONU sheet set, SONU top pillows, and free shipping in the US.

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