Sisyphus Kinetic Sand Art Tables

Posted: March 17, 2022
Sisyphus Kinetic Sand Art Tables
$637 - $10,350
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Bruce Shapiro's Sisyphus Kinetic Art Tables are side, end, and coffee tables whose glass tops reveal an ever-changing world of sand beneath them, occupied, acted upon, and altered by a small rolling metal ball. Shapiro calls the elaborate patterns the ball creates and erases a "playlist for the eyes."

Sisyphus Tables are powered by a two-motor robot named the Sisbot. The Sisbot sits underneath the table, and uses a magnet to guide the steel ball's motion through its layers of sand. The robot itself is WiFi-controlled, and the Sisyphus app gives table owners access to over 1,000 sand pattern "tracks" made and shared by Sisyphus users around the world. Over 25 Sisyphus standard tracks are also included, and the design fiends amongst you can use drawing programs to create your own tracks as well. You can then combine various tracks to create custom visual playlists for your Sisyphus Table.

Sisyphus Kinetic Art Tables also come with app-controlled backlighting to enhance the sand design effects, either RGBW, Natural White, or Warm White. You'll choose your table's finish too, from a selection of wood veneers or black metal.

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