Rocker Cradle

Posted: July 30, 2013
Rocker Cradle
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Since wood craftsman Scott Morrison both takes pride in the quality of his work and operates as a one-man show, his design award-winning Rocker Cradle will be cost prohibitive for the vast majority of its admirers. However, just looking at it can warm many of our hearts, as we envision a precious little babushka dozing angelically at our side, or feel yet another flash flood of relief that our girlfriend's positive pregnancy test ended up being a false alarm. A terrible, terrifying false alarm.

Morrison's Rocker Cradle is a combined update of the 18th century's Windsor Nanny Rocker, and incorporation of Sam Maloof's classic rocking chair design. Yeah, I don't know what either one of those things are either. However, constructing the chair in the shape Morrison devised to create flow and interest apparently proved to be challenging, time-consuming, and one more reason for the piece's breath-halting price tag.

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