REALROOMS Metal Locker Storage Cabinets

Posted: May 11, 2023
REALROOMS Metal Locker Storage Cabinets
$99.99 - $223.99
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No thank you, REALROOMS, I won't be decorating my home with metal storage cabinets, nightstands, or any other piece of furniture that reminds me of my high school locker. Don't you know forgetting my combination and not being able to open my locker is one of the two recurring stress dreams I have? I understand you want to keep your rooms real, but that shit's getting too real.

Especially the tall, skinny locker cabinet that looks like you might actually try and try and try but never be able to open it and get your Oakley shades and Billabong hat out.

REALROOMS Metal Locker Storage Cabinets are part of the brand's Shadwick line, and come in 4 sizes and a half-dozen colors. They all have built-in shelving, and a fairly lightweight, with the heaviest, the tall locker, weighing just under 51 pounds.

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