Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Posted: October 02, 2012
Privacy Pop Bed Tent
$104.99 - $149.99
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It's about that time of year. The time that anyone with a new roommate starts to assess exactly how he or she feels about said roommate. Best bud, mortal enemy, tolerable nuisance, unfortunate insertion into the human race? If you're leaning towards the negative--or even if you've found a grand new friend, but occasionally need a modicum of solitude--Privacy Pop could make whatever forced cohabitation situation you've found yourself in a little more bearable.

Privacy Pop is a tent that attaches to most any standard-issue twin or full size bed to form a cocoon of seclusion while sleeping, studying, or performing other -ing endeavors that require shielding from the curious eyes of third parties. Privacy Pop is also an effective way to keep the blinding light of morning from infiltrating your peaceful state of slumber/heavy drunken pass out post-winning the dorm's Irish Car Bomb Challenge. The bed tent earns the "Pop" part of its moniker from its easy portability and compaction traits. Privacy can travel anywhere now, folding down into a small carrying case for use not only during stints at college and Buddhist communes, but also rowdy vacations or sleepovers when alone time is at a premium.

Available in sizes Twin XL (featured), Twin Bunk (compact), Full Bunk, and Full.

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