Podtime Sleeping Pods

Posted: July 30, 2012
Podtime Sleeping Pods
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When I look at Podtime's new collapsible Sleeping Pod, an extra cozy 3.9' wide x 6.9' long personal retreat and slumbering space for college students, or anyone else on a crusade to find efficient luxury, exactly two words come to mind: Cosmo Kramer. According to their vendor, Podtimes are already "hugely popular in places with dense populations and limited space." Which is a euphemism for "the entire continent of Asia, where most of the population--7-foot anomalies who play professional basketball aside--can sleep in the dresser drawers of a New York City apartment." Kramer's probably having a conniption seeing the Brits capitalize on what should have been his design, his fortune. It's beach-scented cologne, the Mansiere, The Real Peterman Reality Bus Tour, and homeless rickshaw services all over again.

For the rest of us members of the general public, I'm not exactly sure how the Podtime fits into our lives. Its slick, essentially indestructible polycarbonate tube, cush mattress, and pimp-out interior options make it fairly cool for frat houses and college crash pads with four times more 18- to 22-year-olds than bedrooms, but it's not exactly cheap, and not exactly backpack friendly for camping or hostel hopping. I guess true entrepreneurs living in metropolitan areas could invest in a set, stack 'em up, and start renting beds to tourists or people too drunk to drive home on Saturday nights. And households with unruly teenagers sharing a room might consider a set of sleeping pods a few grand well spent to give the kids their own sanctuary, and the adults a modicum of sanity.

Podtime Sleeping Pods arrive in the buyer's choice of several color schemes, and are fitted with heavy-duty frosted doors, a built-in storage shelf and rack, a mirror, LED interior lighting, and electrical power points. Customization options include the addition of a secure luggage compartment, TV and DVD player, leather-covered mattress, and digital radio and alarm clock. Shipping isn't included in the list price, and sleeping pods weigh around 220 pounds, so keep that in mind when considering what brown can do for you.

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