Playable PONG Coffee Table

Posted: April 09, 2017
Playable PONG Coffee Table
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The Atari PONG Table isn't the first example we've seen of an element of the gaming world transformed into a coffee table...that's still fully functional as an element in the gaming world. Remember this Nintendo controller coffee table from 5 years ago? But the guys behind the Table PONG Project did something interesting, and decidedly anti-modern-gaming, with their piece: they turned 8-bit into real-bit. The PONG Table is a physical interpretation of the beloved Atari game whose buttons and wheels control tangible, 3D paddles that whack 3D "balls."

The PONG Table mixes electronics and electric motors with magnetic fields to achieve a playable physical game. Players use a wheel controller to move their paddles side-to-side in an attempt to bump the gliding magnetic cube across its magnetic "field." The addition of buttons allows more precise players to hit curves, and add mods that affect the other player's pad movement (e.g., Freeze, Drunk, Reverse.)

The PONG Table has the game's iconic digital clock displayed on its top, plus rack-mounted USB ports if you want to stream live gaming music.

The PONG Table is currently in its last few days of funding on Kickstarter; if you want one of your own get your pledge in here by April 13, 2017.

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