Paper Bed - Extendable Flat Pack Cardboard Bed

Posted: January 11, 2019
Paper Bed - Extendable Flat Pack Cardboard Bed
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I wouldn't want to live in a cardboard box but, based on what I've seen of the Paper Bed, I might be down with sleeping on one. Like Bookniture, the Paper Bed is made almost entirely of sustainable, recyclable cardboard (the front and back panels are bamboo.) And it isn't just an artsy, eco-friendly way to pass out for the night, it's also a multi-functional, space-saving piece of furniture that will turn lifting and moving your bed from a nightmare into an only slightly unsettling dream.

Like the one I had the other night where I went to an ATM and it made me watch a bunch of ads before it would give me my money.

The Paper Bed's accordion-style corrugated cardboard body allows you to pack it down just 4" deep, and the whole thing weighs just 32 pounds. That's some easy moving in and out of an apartment or dorm room, even with stairs, and also easy for storing as an extra bed for guests, or pushing in and pulling out when needed to clear up floor space during the day. The Paper Bed and its included foldable mattress pad can also set up as a bench or couch.

So, are you going to crush a bed made of cardboard if you put your full body weight on it? As long as you weigh and - ahem - exert forces of less than 661 pounds on the Paper Bed, seller Pro Idee says no.

Overall, a cardboard bed doesn't appeal to me as much as, say, the Yaasa Adjustable Bed. Not necessarily because it doesn't have a remote control and fancy foot-raising powers, but more because it comes in only a twin size and, for being a bed made of paper, costs way too much paper to buy.

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