Nessie Side Table

Posted: April 25, 2023
Nessie Side Table

Nellie, move aside, because all I've got to say about Deniz Aktay's side table design is, Whoa, Nessie! This is the most pleasing piece of furniture I've seen since the Flow Wall Desk, and the most charming interpretation of the Loch Ness Monster since OTOTO's Nessie family of kitchen utensils.

The Nessie Side Table might be better than both, though. Its simple, minimalist design fits right in with current furniture and decor trends, and would look terrific in almost any style of living room, from modern to Scandinavian to contemporary to industrial. And as for the table's Nessie namesake, Aktay has managed to construct it in a way that the piece is both not obviously and so obviously a representation of a mythical sea beast.

The long Loch Ness body of the Nessie Side Table isn't just a space eater either. The triangular shape its base forms can serve as a statement bookmark for your reading materials, or as a nifty and unique display for coffee table books. That triangle is also a solid wood block, so it supports the curvy sides and square tabletop that form Nessie's head.

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