Muista Fidget Chair

Posted: June 25, 2017
Muista Fidget Chair
$180 - $340
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Muista isn't a desk chair just for fidgeters, but the antsy and unfocused will probably be the first to appreciate its backless, rocking design, bouncy, bouncy rungs, and curved, saddle-esque seat. Deemed an "evolved work chair," Muista moves with your body, freeing it to follow its impulses to sway, tap, jostle, and stamp.

And I think it goes without saying, move the Muista away from the desk, and there's no telling how many upgrades it could bring to the lap dance.

According to Muista's Kickstarter campaign video, when we sit or stand at our work desks, "Our inactive bodies are suffering silently from back and neck problems, weakening immune systems, and slowing circulation, leading to brain fog, constipation, feelings of anxiety, and depression." Whoa. Did you hear that? Constipation. I thought it was the box of crackers and brick of manchego, chased with a sleeve of Oreos, but they're saying it's prolonged inactivity in my desk chair.

I like that explanation. I like it very much.

Sold! Muista me up, Muista dudes.

Muista comes in 2 fidget-friendly chair styles, Fit and Big. Fit is the shorter of the two, intended for standard sitting desks, while Big is more barstool height, and works with adjustable or standing desks. Both offer interchangeable sitting positions, including the option to turn the chair 90 degrees to turn "on" or "off" its ability to rock.

Sitting on a Muista encourages balance training and muscle stimulation. Like handheld fidget toys, the chair's movement also promotes focus and creativity, and sucks up excess and anxious energy.

Pledge for a Fit or Big Muista Fidget Chair of your own on Kickstarter through July 12, 2017.

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