Mousarris Studio Rippling Table

Posted: January 30, 2021
Mousarris Studio Rippling Table

If you want a dining table that's somehow simultaneously exhilarating and calming, tell Stelios Mousarris you're ready to let 'er rrrrrrripple. Mousarris' Rippling Table depicts a single drop of water hitting a lake, and the widespread rippling effect it has in doing so. The frozen moment creates a stunning aesthetic - the Rippling Table is part of the Mousarris Statement Pieces Collection - along with communicating Mousarris' sentiment that "a single act of goodness can spread beautiful patterns into the world."

The Rippling Table has a steel structure whose conical base blooms into a 60" round surface filled with glass resin. The expert manipulation of the latter is what elevates the Rippling Table from a piece of furniture to a piece of art.

The Rippling Table is available for purchase directly from Mousarris - the table's listing includes an inquiry button to contact the studio for pricing.

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