Moon Pod Anti-Anxiety Float Chair

Posted: July 29, 2018
Moon Pod Anti-Anxiety Float Chair
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You don't even have to make sweet love or spend 10 hours straight wandering through Skyrim in this bean bag chair to reduce your anxiety. The Moon Pod, a reinvention of the iconic first apartment furniture staple, is a lightweight bean bag chair designed both to conform to your lines and curves, and to give you a sense of zero gravity weightlessness when you sit in it. Lounge in it. Nap in it. Flop in it.

Moon Pod construction consists of a smooth, poly-blended outer membrane filled with thousands of gravity-defying, high-friction, and highly responsive EPS beads. Its makers say the bean bag chair was engineered to mimic the feeling of flotation therapy without the water. Float tanks have been shown, or at least marketed, to ease unsettled states of body and mind, including anxiousness, insomnia, PTSD, and ADHD. They can also help alleviate back pain.

Moon Pod's goal is similar: total relaxation, leading to a side of stress relief. And if the idea of climbing into tiny, pitch black pod, shutting the door behind you, and floating for 30 minutes in a foot of water so salty it will burn the holy Mary mother of bejeezus out of your eyes if you let even a drop seep in doesn't sound so relaxing to you, the Moon Pod could be a source of comfort that doesn't force you out of your comfort zone.

Moon Pod bean bag chairs recently raised over $1.2 million in crowdfunding, and are still in pre-order phases. They're expected to start shipping in November 2018.

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