Malicious Bar Stool

Posted: January 08, 2022
Malicious Bar Stool
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If you think the Malicious Bar Stool is, er, malicious, check out what designer Merve Kahraman based her design on: ancient times' "Chair of Nails Torture," seating dotted with impalement-ready spikes, and used by inquisitors. Kahraman's bar stool version is more studded than spiked, and while it doesn't look particularly comfortable to sit on, you might actually get some acupressure slipper-style benefits (buttifits?) if you can withstand the pokeys.

The Malicious Bar Stool seat is covered in 41 CNC-cut aluminum studs, each with rounded edges. The studs are also connected to 41 strings that allow them to move individually within the seat, creating what Kahraman calls "a very pleasantly surprising sensation" for the ass cheeks that encounter them.

More than just disturbing in aesthetic, the Malicious Bar Stool goes for a rock & roll look with black matte wood finish, black leather seat, and gold finish on the metal studs, which also decorate the stool's legs.

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