Lord Langton's Castle Glass-Topped Sculptural Table

Posted: November 17, 2018
Lord Langton's Castle Glass-Topped Sculptural Table
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Thing is, Cousin Lord Langston has this sick medieval stone castle, plus a few dragons to protect it, but, uh, nowhere to put it at the moment. See, his lease in Scotland ran out, and he's just a little short on the funds he needs to find new spot right now, and it being the holidays and all, he was hoping maybe you'd let him and Abeloth, Bonescraper, and Norbert stay next to your couch for a few days.


A month max.

Come on, you're family. And you haven't seen the dragons since right after they hatched. And Langton swears you won't even notice they and the castle are there. You've got Netflix, right? And Moose Mugs?

Another fantastical beast from Design Toscano, Lord Langton's Castle Glass-Topped Sculptural Table is hand-cast using crushed stone and designer resin. Dimensions are 23" wide x 23" deep x 30" tall.

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