Kotatsu Heated Table

Posted: November 16, 2016
Kotatsu Heated Table
$210.80 - $225
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Do you have to be a girl to want one of these super-cozy-looking Japanese Kotatsu? Do you have to be a girl to use the term "super-cozy-looking?" Oh well then. Call me a big ol' girl and send me a big ol' heated blanket table so I can slide my big ol' lazy ass under it and "work from home" the rest of the winter.

The Japanese are geniuses. Sitting at a Kotatsu is like a socially acceptable, even artful, way to hang out in bed all day. And movie night with the new lady? Netflix & Kotatsu. Game night with the boys? Punderdome &...You better keep your gangrene toes tucked in and cordoned off from mine, Cornelius!

The Kotatsu listed here is wooden, with a 2-piece tabletop that secures the reversible (Red / Beige) blanket around it. A slim panel heater with controls is installed at the table underside. The Amazon Q&A section indicates that despite shipping from Japan, this Kotatsu's heater is compatible with American outlets and does not require a converter. Table measurements are 29-1/2" x 29-1/2" x 16".

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