Keystone Lounge Chair

Posted: January 02, 2022
Keystone Lounge Chair
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The Keystone Lounge Chair is a whimsical piece of furniture brand Please Wait to Be Seated describes as both a "deconstructed take on a Roman arch's elements," and, more accurately, I think, "a magnet for kids of all ages." A very expensive kid magnet, I'd add.

This type of sculptural furniture, made up of geometric, bolster-style cushions, does seem to be popular right now. We recently saw the Mousarris Summit Sofa on the upper end of it, and a quick search online shows there are tons of modular cushion sets for kids to use in building indoor forts and jungle gyms, that can then condense into a chair or sleeper sofa when playtime is over.

The Keystone Lounge Chair stands out from the others more due to its origin story than where it is now. The multi-colored seat was originally designed as a 1,000-pound sculpture. It had a concrete backrest, rubber wedge, and ceramic rounded seat. Please Wait to Be Seated wanted to turn the Keystone into a more accessible and comfortable (if only slightly more, on both counts) piece for the home, so collaborated with Dutch designers Os & Oos to lighten and soften up the sculpture, and make the Keystone Lounge Chair happen.

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