Kenneth Cobonpue Star Wars Furniture Collection

Posted: June 26, 2019
Kenneth Cobonpue Star Wars Furniture Collection

Forget TIE Fighters, Kenneth Cobonpue is here to make loungers, not war. The award-winning Filipino furniture designer created his Star Wars collection as a reimagined universe where both the Dark Side and the Light come together to pimp out your home and office decor.

I think Cobonpue's TIE Fighter Armchairs are particularly cool because they combine 2 seating design elements we've all seen over and over - the cushioned patio chair and the woven basket pattern - in a completely new and geekerific way.

Other pieces in the Star Wars Furniture Collection include a Sidious Easy Armchair, a Vader Easy Armchair, a Chewie Rocking Stool, and various Jedi-themed lighting designs.

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