Intermodality Desk

Posted: February 15, 2020
Intermodality Desk

The Intermodality Desk by Attila Stromajer just won a Gold A'Design Award for its, I have to say, exquisite marriage of the elegant lines of a grand piano with the functionality of a work desk.

Even as an artistic interpretation, with its modern geometric shape and oversized back lid / arm prop providing the access to a trio of deep cubbies, the Intermodality Desk looks like a piece of furniture you'd want to use. Roomy, lots of storage space, a large, smooth working surface - I don't even know anything about pianos, but I'd put this nod to the keys in my living room any day. If you're looking for a gift for Harry Connick Jr. or Alicia Keys, or a gift for any musician, Attila Stromajer has your hookup.

Like grand piano, the Intermodality Desk has 3 legs and the drop-leaf back cover. Stromajer calls its design "parametric." The desk has 9 drawers, including the 3 at the back, which have removable inserts, and a large enough writing surface that you can work with the cover open or closed. The front drawer is segmented into smaller storage slots, but the dividers are also removable.

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