Interactive LED Tables

Posted: May 07, 2012
LED Interactive Tables

I hope anyone who has one of these nifty Interactive LED Tables also has a few gallons of disinfectant on hand, because the two primary modes of interaction I foresee with their pressure-sensitive, illuminative surfaces are 1) face and 2) ass to glass. Electronic maestros Evil Mad Science powwowed with design build studio Because We Can to create these striking pieces of home or office decor, doubly functional as elegantly lined coffee tables, and mesmerizing purveyors of pretty lights and hours of entertainment.

Various table base designs have been prototyped, all with an ornate embedded system of LEDs covered by either transparent glass or frosted acrylic tops. Clear models obviously display the LED motherboard whether or not the lights have been activated, while the opaque versions reveal the surprise wattage only when people plunk their Cab Franc goblets, or their 2-year-old toddlers, on the tabletop for safekeeping.

Interactive LED Tables are made to order, and priced upon request.

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