In-Tension Table

Posted: September 12, 2015
In-Tension Table

B-Squared, Inc. hand fabricates every piece of furniture and functional art they design in a shop in Eureka Springs, AR. They use lumber upcycled from local shops and wine bottles emptied by boozing patrons at local restaurants. They build with intention. Here, they have also built In-Tension.

In-Tension is a funky, funky chicken. It's an industrial table made from hot-rolled steel, stainless steel, and western red cedar. It's also a clever play on words that happens to represent both the table's physical appearance and B-Squared's ethos. Well played, dudes. The cantilevered configuration, inspired by old railroad trestle bridge construction, looks precarious, even a little dangerous, but in tension its structural stability remains sound. The table's wood has been hand finished with 6 coats of natural oil and the hot rolled steel 3 coats of hot wax. In-Tension stands 36" tall to the point of its stand, 24" wide, and 55" long.

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