Il Nido Nest for Humans

Posted: June 20, 2015
Il Nido Nest for Humans

Milan firm DesignLibero has gone in the same direction as O*GE Creative Group, but developed a less literal interpretation of a bird's nest for humans with their Il Nido. Italian for "nest" Il Nido is a piece of microarchitecture intended to bring peace, comfort, and respite to anyone who requires a little more to de-stress than the 4 walls...and screaming kids, and blasting TVs, and party hearty neighbors...of home sweet home.

While not quite made of twigs and leaves like its natural counterpart, Il Nido is constructed of recyclable materials, such as wood, textiles, and terra cotta. It also contains an integrated LED spotlight, pots, and a self-watering hydroponic system for planting flowers and greenery to enhance its outdoor feel.

Understanding our sense of serenity might change with moods and circumstances, DesignLibero has also made Il Nido multifunctional and reconfigurable as a sofa, chaise, bed, or playground. And remember, these dudes are Italian, so I bet they aren't using the term "playground" in reference to a recreational area for children. Though if you're not careful, Il Nido might end up helping you make some.

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