Hummer H2 Fantasy Bed

Posted: April 04, 2012
Hummer H2 Bed
$2,195 - $2,895
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Mini gangstaz, flower children, and future ice cream truck drivers of America can dream of what their licenses may one day bring while snuggled into and drooling all over these handcrafted twin beds. The Hummer H2 behemoth is made of red oak, and fitted with a TV/DVD entertainment center, custom red running lights, and a remote control holder. Because if you're gonna one-up all the other parents in the neighborhood and drop 3 grand on a fantasy bed, it may as well be a fantasy bed pimped out with enough electronics to ensure your kid's gonna spend all his free time using it.

The VW Bus Bed is the product of over 200 hours of labor, and includes side mirrors, a mounting ladder on the back end, plexi-glass windows, functioning fluorescent green under-carriage lighting, the built-in entertainment center, and a secret storage unit for little Maddy's diary, and the condom she bought from a bathroom vending machine on a dare. VW Bus dimensions are 8' long x 43" wide.

The Ice Cream Truck, Monster Truck, and Toyota FJ40 Cruiser Beds also have wooden ladders and plexi-glass windows. The Ice Cream Truck has bright orange running lights at its undercarriage, as well as a built-in serving window for serious games of make-believe, and the Monster Truck sports a realistic roll bar, tail gate, front and back bumpers, shocks and tires, front and rear axels, and plexi-glass windows.

As evidenced by the photos, the fantasy beds also look stellar parked in the garage and driveway, and would most certainly make a sweet addition to the front lawn. All are one-of-a-kind pieces, and creator Quentin Lark is happy to build them to customer color and size specifications. Hear that, grownups? How about a little "ride" in a California King upgrade of the Hummer?

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