Hourglass Grandfather Clock

Posted: January 12, 2019
Hourglass Grandfather Clock
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I wonder if steampunk fans can rig Howard Miller's Hourglass Grandfather Clock up to their Alexa. Have her control the sands of its 60-minute center timer for a clever little twist on the genre's trademark antique sci-fi feel. Maybe ask her to use a different voice - a more grandfatherly voice - and call the clock Doktor Tempus.

For a grandfather clock the Hourglass Clock is pretty minimalist, staying true to the steampunk vibe with a metal frame finished in aged iron, and a roman numeral clock face embossed with gears and finished in an aged sandstone. Hour and minute hands are also aged iron, and the dial is covered in convex glass crystal.

The grandfather clock's hourglass stands 24.5" tall and, until you alter it, rotates by hand. Total clock height is 77.5".

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